Fred Jo™


 In 2012, Fred and Joe, two friends with a passion for travel, founded Fred Jo. They met during a trip to Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. In search of an innovative concept, they are inspired by their numerous trips to the United States, Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe to revisit the basic T-shirt. 

During their various trips, they were able to develop an unconditional love for fashion. Designers from all over the world influenced them.

Our Mission

As time goes by and seasons go by, Fred Jo moves towards a rather minimalist, classy, and refined style by answering the following questions: how to design comfortable clothes, move around, go out, work, and relax?
How to combine elegance and comfort at the same time? That is the mission of Fred Jo.

Our Vision

Fred Jo's vision is to allow everyone to dress freely and comfortably while being classy and respectable. In the long term, we want everyone to feel comfortable in their clothes, regardless of their build, origins, and social background. At Fred jo, we firmly believe in these beliefs embedded in our DNA.



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