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How Can Men Look Great in T-shirts?

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How Can Men Look Great in T-shirts?

T-shirts are often used when we want to sport a casual look. The best thing about them is that they can make you look great despite not being something extremely expensive. If you do t-shirts online shopping a bit intelligently, looking perfect when going out with friends or a family get-together will never be a problem for you. 

Here are a few tips that would help you to look amazing in t-shirts. 

How Can Men Look Great in T-shirts?

Choose the Right Fit

Men should always opt for fitted tees. T-shirts look good on men when they accentuate their masculine silhouette i.e., their narrow waist and broad shoulders. However, you must remember a few things when buying fitted t-shirts for men. The tee must not be too tight as that will make it look like a workout top.

The above rules stand true for you if you have a small to medium body. If you are bulky and have a bulging tummy, you can opt for a slightly loose tee. However, never pick a piece that’s too loose as it will make you appear even fatter. 

Know the Colors That Look Good on You

You have the right to experiment with colors. However, if you want to look smart, it would be wise to stick to colors like navy blue, grey, black, and white. 

White tees would look great on you irrespective of your skin tone. So, always ensure your wardrobe has a classic white tee. You can have more if you want as you’ll get to pair it up with most trousers and denim you have in your wardrobe. 


If you have a perfect body, get a gray tee right away. No other color will highlight your body shape as incredibly as a grey. 

Your wardrobe should also have a black tee. Black looks good with most other colors. Make sure the black tee you are buying is of the highest quality. That’s because if the material is not good the color might fade after a few washes. 

If you want to wear a dark shade during the daytime, wear a navy tee. Navy blue pairs particularly well with jeans. 

For special occasions, you can buy tees in colors like red, purple, green, etc. Choose these colors depending on your skin tone. 


Pick the Fabric Wisely

Buy your tees from a reliable store. This will ensure that you are buying t-shirts made from high-quality materials. This is crucial as you cannot look good if you are not feeling comfortable in what you are wearing. 

Ideally, you should opt for 100% cotton t-shirts. It would be even greater if you buy organic cotton t-shirts. For your information, organic cotton is produced without using pesticides and fertilizers of any kind.

If you are looking to buy t-shirts online, one store you can rely on is Fred Jo. They have a huge collection of attractive t-shirts for women and men. You’ll get pieces in all colors and sizes. All Fred Jo tees are made using high-quality, pre-shrunk fabric. They remain in perfect shape even after several washes. 


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