The Fred Jo Red and Yellow Leather Sneakers are made of high-quality leather and mesh cloth for superior comfort and durability.

The Fred Jo Red and Yellow sneakers are a must-have for modern men and women.

The sneakers combine unique craftsmanship and creativity.



✔️ Soft EVA soles for all-over printing of high-top leather shoes

✔️ Leather upper, mesh cloth lining, and EVA padded insoles

✔️ Complete with eyelets and a lace-up closure for a classic look

✔️ Perfect for every season, wear them all year round


✔️ Item Type: High Top Cute Leather Sneaker

✔️ Materials: Leather upper, mesh cloth lining, 

✔️ EVA padded insoles

✔️ Color: Pink Leather Sneakers



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