These Black Sneakers has the best outsole made out of regular elastic, called polyurethane. This shoe doesn’t destroy rapidly. It has a solid outsole made out of standard flexible material plan to protect feet from ecological dangers. Style Over Shoe is a casual tennis shoe. Furthermore, a regular men’s Shoe, as a result of its stronghold, you can wear it to work and feel suitable for the day. It is made with veritable cowhide, which ingests dampness and makes your feet breathable.

This excessively lightweight Shoe of about 0.9g keeps your feet from getting drained after wearing for an all-inclusive period. It’s of acceptable quality real cowhide that assimilates dampness. Style Over Shoe is of EVA insole that gives a pad and goes far towards shielding your feet from striking the street when strolling.


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Men Black Sneakers - Fred jo Clothing Unisex Black Sneakers


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