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3 Tips to wear a Hoodie

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It is the latest fashion toy that has been elevated to the rank of "King of Fashion" by the newest fashion darling Demna Gvasalia, "the fresh artistic director of Balenciaga's house.

The hoodie, in other words, the hoodie. Until now, his story has been recited far from the catwalks: in the mid-70s, it concealed the faces of graffiti artists dodging the police, warmed the shoulders of breakdancers in the New York hip-hop scene in the 80s, was worn as a provocative banner in the Cypress Hills gangsta rap scene in the 90s, or posed as a demiurge in skate culture.

3 Tips to wear a Hoodie

 But now the season's podiums are propelling this bad boy's popularity by making him indispensable in our closets.

 But just because this totem pole of comfort just swept status doesn't mean we know how to wear it.

3 Tips to Wear a Hoodie 

The Fredjoclothing gang gives you a few rules to follow:


  1. The hoodie should be worn with a jogging suit for a sportswear look, not a big shapeless thing, something more fitted and a sleeveless down jacket.
  2. For a more casual, urban look, wear the hoodie with a waist oversize, jeans, and a polo shirt.
  3. It is essential to adopt at least one piece of sportswear that has an outfit. Let's take the example of the suit, the latter mixed with fabric sneakers. What could be a chicer?
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